New product: Anti-static zipper

New product: Anti-static zipper

Did you know that according to international research about 70% of damages of electronic components are caused by impropriate personnel protection? Electrostatic discharge or ESD as it is known can damage sensitive electronic equipment, or can lead to fire risks if you handle flammable materials, such as paints. Luckily, though, electrostatic discharge can be controlled and managed using anti-static products. One such option is anti-static clothing. All international standards, including EN 61340-5-1, stresses necessity of using special clothing in all EPA zones.

Our new product is an ideal choice for your anti-static clothing. During the production process, using special technology, zippers with anti-static characteristics are obtained. We offer spiral and metal anti-static zippers, in all sizes and colors of your choice.

It is recommended for use on uniforms in the production of electronic components, as well as medical and laboratory uniforms.

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